Emergency Locksmith Call-out Doncaster

After receiving a call from a panicked customer requiring an emergency call-out, Locksmith Doncaster was pleased to come to their aid.

On arrival to the customer’s home I was informed that they needed to gain entry to their garage as they had lost their keys. I was a little surprised that such a job warranted the need for an emergency Locksmith, but with further conversation, I learned that a trampoline for a surprise birthday present for the following day was locked in the garage. Hence the need for an emergency locksmith call-out, or SOS Locksmith Doncaster.

I was pleased to quickly gain entry and allow access to the present. Once the garage was opened I changed the lock and provided the customer with 3 new keys. Emergency sorted and another happy customer and even happier Birthday Boy.

If you find yourself locked out please call us, your local Locksmith in Doncaster will quickly get you back in without any fuss.