After receiving a late-night call from a customer panicking because they had come home to find their lock hanging out of the door, I quickly assessed they had been yet another victim of Lock Snapping. This is the way thieves break into homes, as it’s quick and easy, an average lock will last about 10 seconds. Fortunately, they must have been disturbed as they didn’t enter the property. You can watch how lock snapping is done on our new locks page.

When I arrived I was surprised, as on first glance the lock looked like a high-security anti-snap lock. On further inspection, I could see that it was only a 1-star lock and the anti-snap hadn’t even worked. I see so many homes fitted with poor quality locks, this includes new builds and composite doors. You can easily check if your locks will withstand attack. If they don’t have 3 diamonds and a kite mark, like the image below, then you need to upgrade your locks NOW.

New Anti Snap Locks

Back to the job, after removing the broken lock and parts I replaced with a high-security anti snap lock which is impossible for anyone to snap and access their home. The following day I re-visited my customers to upgrade the rest of the doors. Their home is now safe and they will never come home to a snapped lock again.

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