uPVC Lock Repairs in Doncaster

I regularly receive calls from customers saying “my window won’t open” after they have tried several things to fix it. uPVC lock repairs are one of the most common uPVC maintenance jobs I get called out to. This situation can be quite frustrating for the customer especially if it’s in a bathroom and the steam has nowhere to escape.

Here are three main causes of this problem:

  1. The handle is broken or a customer can’t unlock the window as they have lost their keys.
  2. The spindle has slipped into the window handle so it’s not engaging with the window mechanism.
  3. The window mechanism has failed and is no longer unlocking the locking bolts.

The good news is that Locksmith Doncaster can help with all these uPVC maintenance problems and have your windows working like new. If you have simply lost your keys and need to gain access or your window mechanism needs replacing, we can help you right now.

For any uPVC repairs in Doncaster, call now for a free quote or fill out our contact page and I will get straight back to you.