Most double glazing will have problems at some point, the most common being either steamed up double glazed units or drafts around openings.

Drafts are usually caused by either a break down of the gasket seals or hinges that are no longer functioning as they should. They are both easily repaired without the need to have costly replacement of your windows. Replacement seals are the easiest fix, with the replacement hinges being a little more tricky, but again something Locksmith Doncaster can sort for you. The easiest way to see if you need new hinges is to see if the gap around the window opening is equal, if not it’s a good chance your hinges need replacing.

Another extremely common problem is steamy Windows when condensation has built up between the two pains of glass because the seal has broken down. Again an easy fix that costs less than you may think, replacement double glazing in Doncaster is something I do on a regular basis, if you would like a free no-obligation quote give me a call.

If you’re having problems opening your uPVC windows or you have lost the keys to the handles, I can get them open and working again. I replace handles and window mechanisms to get them working like new again, you may even want to change the colour of your handles.
For all your window repairs and locksmith problems in Doncaster, I can be with you in no time as I’m always in the Doncaster area, call Locksmith Doncaster now.

steamy windows Doncaster
Steamy Windows Doncaster